Soukharnikov 83Titan / Saturnian System


Here begins Geo Blues, here begins your adventure ! Soukharnikov 83 is a medium-size colonial station located on the largest moon of Saturn Titan. For a couple of martian decades, the Saturnian System has been embodying the outer border of the Colonial Space. Isolated from the rest of the inhabited systems, Jupiterian moons and satelites such as Titan remain hazardous places. Unless having a strong need for easy money, or a need to be forgotten, most colonial settlers prefer not to attempt the journey.

Colonial Federation Space_Titan.jpg

Titan’s water supply infrastructure affords purified water to its population. It also provides water to settlers working inside the other Saturnian colonies. A dozen of tanker ships continuously carry the precious resource from Titan to Rhea, Pandora, Calypso,Atlas, Hyperion and Helene. Your ship, the Highlander, is about to fly away. TheUlysse 151 station on Calypso needs to be stocked up again.



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